Creative Meditation

Meditation doesn't have to be done sitting on a cushion, cross-legged, paying singular attention to the breath.  Actually, not much is required to meditate other than an intention to do so by focusing attention on a simple, repetitive task, gently nudging the mind to return to focus when it wanders.  Wandering is NOT a problem; rather, it's PART of the process.  Acceptance of this fact enabled me to relax, which in turn increased my mind's ability to focus.  This wonderful feedback loop settles the mind, much like a glass of dirty water left to settle.  With time, gradually the dirt drifts to the bottom. Then, when you look through the glass, what HAD been hidden can be clearly seen.  As the swirling thoughts and agitation subside, the mind and its functioning also naturally clear.  With clearer thinking come deeper insights.

Be creative with your meditation practice!
Whatever seems appropriate for meditation, is.  Just that simple.  Listen to your internal compass--that still, small voice inside--to determine what is appropriate.  One of the most beautiful things about meditation is that improved connection to the deeper, truer self.

While writing the first draft of this blog post, a delightful opportunity appeared.  I found myself mesmerized by the way the leaves of a nearby tree shimmered in the sunlight, twisted and twirled by a warm, gentle breeze.  Different leaves stirred at varting speeds, some even stopping completely at times. I felt the same, warm breeze flowing gently across the hair on my arms and legs.  Awareness of the oneness, the connectedness to life became suddenly, fully apparent.  This was a profound experience.

Creating a meditation makes the practice of it deeply more personal.  The creation itself helps touch that deeper self we intend to touch with meditation.  As much as humans seem to love their own ideas, it follows that a tailor-made meditation would be more likely be followed.

Andy DonahueComment